The Bigger Peach

Our Bigger Peach team formed in 2019, to drive our sustainability and ethics agenda, striving to do better for our guests, team, suppliers and planet.

From serving food-waste fighting, planet saving Rubies in The Rubble ketchup, to offering more plant-based choices on our menu, we make sure that not only are we trying our best to be green, but we make it easy for you to be more eco too.


While we think we do a lot, there is always more we can do and so please do get in touch with any new ideas and let's make a green difference together. Here are a few of the things we currently do, above everything you would already expect.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Straws have been a hot topic for a while and we are proud to have been at the forefront of banning plastic straws. We only use paper straws and they’re provided on request.

In our efforts to use less plastic, we removed all plastic bottles from our bathrooms, and you won't find plastic in our fridges. We also seperate our recyclable products from general waste and food, and continue to look at how we can further reduce, reuse or recycle.

Our take-away coffee cups are 100 per cent compostable and made from 100 per cent sustainable sources. We encourage our guests to bring their own coffee cups in if they want to take their coffee away and we are always on hand to refill water bottles – you can even get ice and a slice!

We’re invested in our communities

We want to make things better in the local communities we serve.

Our Managers are encouraged to build long-term relationships with schools, charities, community groups and residents. We are happy to host local events and support charities as best we can.

Each year we support many charities, from feeding the most vulnerable to monetary donations too. You'll often find wooden money boxes on our bars – a great way to use up any loose change!

We built our own Foundation

One of our over-arching aims is to deliver the good stuff. Every time. And that doesn’t just mean what we serve in our pubs, it’s also how we treat people – our guests, our team – and our communities and planet. We have always been passionate about giving back and as we’ve developed and grown, our motivation to make the world a little better, a little peachier, has grown with us. The Peach Foundation, a non-profit organisation, was created in 2013 to help us do exactly that, aiming to improve communities and the future sustainability of our world. During the first lockdown, we also setup a not-for-profit Your Hub, which fundraised to help those in our communities who needed support. Together we have raised close to £300,000 for good causes, both in the UK and Kenya.

We have a Peach Social Responsibility Plan, with three principles

We Make Our Teams’ Lives Peachy
We Serve The Good Stuff
We Love Our Planet

…and ten promises, find out more here

Making Life Peachy

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