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Your journey never stops. Starting with thorough inductions, through to career development, training is one of the most important factors in Making Life Peachy for our team. We strive for it to be the very best it can be, to maintain team and overall happiness.

1-2-1 Coaching
Classroom-based Learning
Inspiration Days

Our training program starts on day one, and each person’s journey is followed on Peach Teach, our on-line training platform. Each area is aimed at understanding each Peachy person and helping them become the best they can possibly be.

‘We promote from within’ is not just something we say, but something we do. Here are some of our hero stories of Peachy team members who have achieved remarkable goals.

Emma Davis


In 2017 Emma was one of five students from UCB, Birmingham to join us for a 45 week work experience placement. She moved to Oxford, working at The Fishes, where she hit the ground running, quickly mastering a section in one of our busiest pubs.

Being calm under pressure definitely helps, but this is something rare in such a young chef, so when she asked to work part-time at The High Field while she completed her studies, we didn’t hesitate in offering her a CDP role in this challenging kitchen. Emma is an absolute Peach Super Star and is well on her way to becoming a Junior Sous Chef with us and the truth is, the sky’s the limit. We’ve all loved watching her grow into a very talented chef – she is one to watch!

Hayley Reid

Head Chef

Wonderfully talented Hayley was promoted to Head Chef at The Almanack, Kenilworth in November 2019. She joined us in 2012 as a Breakfast Chef in order to manage family life with husband Jake (who also works with Peach) and her young son Ollie. As Ollie has grown, so has Hayley’s career, moving on over the years to become a CDP, then Sous, and now Head Chef at The Nack! You'll also now find her Stepson, Jamie, front of house - proof that hospitality is a great place to juggle family, life and your career.

Patrycja Gajda

General Manager

Another nugget of evidence of how you can really run up the rungs at Peach. In 2014, Pat joined us as a Trainee Manager, and worked her way up to General Manager in just 2 years, spending the last 3 buzzing about running The Star and Garter in Leamington. She’s loved by guests and team alike and is well known for her fun, laughter and above all, hard work. She now works across the Peach Estate, sharing her knowledge and supporting our teams.

Making Life Peachy

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